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How you can help by preserving your own protected colony of plants as a reserve against the plundered wild population, is to contact me and buy a plant.


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20 Peyote cactus seeds cost GB Pounds £10

15 year old Peyote Plants ~20-25mm dia - cost GB Pounds £40

My plants are slow grown to approximate the hard conditions encountered in nature; resting cool and dry for half the year, when they sleep and have their own dreams!
As a by-product of their slow growth, their life force is concentrated, not diluted.

My plants, unlike some I have sampled, have not had accelerated growth.
They are not forced bags of water, swollen and bloated in appearance and with their alkaloid concentration considerably reduced.

Soft fast grown plants are also prone to rot.

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All my plants have been grown from seed in The E.U. over the last 30 years.

The Peyote has evolved to thrive in the New Mexico Desert, where there is bright sunlight every day, and rain only 3 or 4 times a year, most years!

The Peyote has a fat root much like a carrot and can be grown in a standard "Cactus Compost". A clay pot is best.

The Peyote will travel to you with little or no soil or pot in a padded envelope by post.

Pot it up when it arrives in the recommended mixture.

I have found, by experiment, that no harm came to my test plants that were kept in a padded envelope for 4 weeks. But 3 days is all yours should have to endure.

As a rough guide to watering I suggest you stand the well draining potted peyote in water - not so deep as to wet the green top - for half an hour, once a month from late Spring to early Autumn.

The slowest growing of cacti the peyote is dormant in winter.

The Peyote Likes

Maximum sunlight .

Well draining soil.

Water on soil, when dry, in summer.

Drying out, between watering.

A minimum temperature of 10 degrees C.

The Peyote Hates



A combination of the above hates - will kill.




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Now in Feb. 2015.
They are all having their winter sleep.
This is a good time to travel to a new home with no disruption to growth.




Plea to conserve home of the peyote cactus

from the UN Environment Programme

25 March 2006 - New Scientist