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Peyote from the Aztec peyotl

Peyote are endangered in the wild, being threatened by misguided folk who dig them up and ingest them just to get high.

Save these wonderful plants from exploitation and possible extinction.

See how you can help with the conservation of this wonderful species by starting your own colony on a sunny windowsill - contact me

I have been growing peyote for more than 25 years and I'm running out of space for them.
Now I must share them, so you can start your own colonies and ensure their continuing existence.
If you think you could give them a good home, I have a small number of plants for sale.

I'm also running out of cash and hope that income from the distribution of the peyote will ensure my continuing existence.

Preserve one or two of their number, in safety, in your home.

They did wonders for the insight, art and vision of the original Americans.
Who knows what they may give to medicine and science in the future.

Slowest growing of all cacti.

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It is the result of an evening class in Dreamweaver 4 website construction
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But it is current and working, thank you very much.

Now in Feb. 2015.
They are all having their winter sleep.
This is a good time to travel to a new home with no disruption to growth.


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Plea to conserve home of the peyote cactus

from the UN Environment Programme

25 March 2006 - New Scientist